GG Jackson

  • Pos PF
  • Height 6-9
  • Weight 210

Prospect Info

  • High School Ridge View
  • City Columbia, SC
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H.S. Scouting Report

Evaluated 03/07/2022

Eric Bossi
Eric Bossi National Basketball Director

Pushing 6-foot-9, Jackson has an ideal basketball frame. He's got long arms and a wiry build that will allow him to add needed strength without costing him athleticism and make no mistake, athleticism is a big part of his game. Jackson is able to fly around the court thanks to his ability to accelerate, change directions and get off the floor in a hurry in tight spaces. Though he still has to get stronger, his athleticism is all functional and he's able to play through contact and doesn't need a runway in order to take off. While his athleticism is an important part of his game and what helps to separate him from the pack, he doesn't have to rely on it.

Over the last year, Jackson has made significant improvements when it comes to his skill level. He is a more than capable jump shooter, has a nice jump hook and he's become a real threat to face up and attack off the dribble. His passing has some room for growth but he's improved greatly when it comes to recognizing double teams and finding an open teammate. On the block he has an advantage because of his quickness and while his perimeter ability is what may allow him to create distance between himself and other big men in the class, he has to be careful not to float around out there too much.

When he's got an even mix of inside and outside to go along with what he's able to do running the floor in transition, Jackson is a major problem on the offensive end. Defensively, he's ahead of the curve as well. He's got great anticipation, moves well laterally and uses his athleticism to his advantage so that he's an above average rim protector who can also defend in space if he gets caught on a switch and has to defend a smaller player.

H.S. Athletic Background

G.G. Jackson is a 6-8, 210-pound Power Forward from Columbia, SC.

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